Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kite Beach to Puerto Plata Challenge

This Challenge is from the Method Lodge to Puerto Plata

For registration and training schedules, contact us.

This is a Team Event, Teams consist of two or more people. There will be no "single" riders allowed in the race. Teams have "Captains" and Teams are responsible for "logging" hours doing "downwinders". Similar to a marathon, there are those riders who are in it to win and those who just want to make it. 

- This is a challenge to see if it is possible to kite from Kite Beach to Puerto Plata.
- This is a fun, long-distance event geared towards kiters who want to train and challenge themselves against the conditions.

Riders Will:
- Be KITEs Method Certified or have equivalent experience.
- Have one or more kite partners.
- Meet safety plan standards.
- Meet Equipment standards.
- Log appropriate hours or have equivalent experience.

Training is available.

The race head quarters is at the KITEs Method Shop, calle Principal, Kite Beach.

The race ends on the Malecon . All transportation is the responsibility of the individual teams.

Accommodations are available on Kite Beach. Room rates range from $50 a night to $350.

Rather than pick a "date" on the Calendar and hope that the wind is right, we pick "3 day" windows and if the wind is right on one of those days, we go. The next window is Aug. 13-15th. (Friday-Saturday-Sunday).

For more information contact John

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